Racing at Les Boise Park.
Racing at Les Boise Park.

Facts About Horse Racing in Idaho

  • A thriving horse racing industry supports many family farms and small businesses, creating hundreds of jobs and generating millions in funding for our public schools.
  • The breeding, training, and racing of horses is integral to Idaho’s cultural traditions and heritage.
  • Historical horse racing (HHR) terminals are essential to supporting and sustaining live horse racing in Idaho. When HHR terminals were shut down in 2015, Les Bois Park (in Boise) was forced to close and 285 jobs were lost. Overall, the industry lost more than 535 jobs statewide.

Facts About the Ballot Initiative

  • This ballot initiative will bring back and create hundreds of good-paying jobs. A Boise State University study projected that horse racing would contribute $50 million in payroll, goods, and services in 2015.
  • Historical Horse Racing (HHR) is regulated and audited by the state.
  • Like wagering on live horse racing, HHR is a form of pari-mutuel betting, whereby bettors place wagers that are pooled with other bettors (as opposed to casino games, where bettors wager against “the house.”) At least 90% of all wagers are returned to bettors.
  • HHR terminals will only be allowed at race tracks that have at least 8 live racing days/year.
  • HHR terminals are not casino games or slot machines. This proposal does not legalize slot machines or any other type of video gaming.
  • A percentage of HHR revenue is explicitly dedicated to Idaho’s public schools, amounting to millions of dollars for classrooms across the state.
  • 21 states already allow some form of gaming to supplement live horse racing and enable the industry to survive without government support.