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KTVB: VERIFY: Are claims in ‘Save Idaho Horse Racing’ ad accurate?

BOISE — A new ad from the Committee to Save Idaho Horse Racing is urging Idahoans to save horse racing by voting “yes” on Proposition One. If approved by Idaho voters in the November 6 election, historical horse racing machines would be made legal at certain places in the state where simulcast racing occurs. Also … Read more >

Idaho Freedom Foundation Endorses Proposition 1

Free Market Advocate Urges Supporters to Right a Wrong and Save Idaho Horse Racing  (BOISE) — The campaign to revive Idaho’s horse racing industry has won the backing of a leading conservative, free-market policy group that is urging its supporters across the state to vote “Yes” on Proposition 1 in November. Wayne Hoffman, President of … Read more >

Make An Informed Decision on Prop 1

This letter is in response to the Idaho Press’ Editorial Board for their opinion piece of the ‘Save Idaho Horse Racing’ initiative Proposition 1 printed on 9/3/18. They reported that out of $88 million dollars generated by the HHR Terminals, only $600,000 went to the Public-School Fund. They neglected to tell their readers that 90% … Read more >

Former GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Tommy Ahlquist Endorses Proposition 1

Business Leader, Physician Says Proposition 1 Helps Economy, Rural Idahoans (BOISE) — Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist has come out in strong support for Proposition 1 and its promise of reviving Idaho’s live horse racing industry. Ahlquist announced his endorsement on Wednesday in letter sent to thousands of supporters who backed his bid to … Read more >