Ballot Initiative Campaign Delivers 114,815 Signatures to County Clerks; Final Tally Far Exceeds Requirement of 56,192
(May 1, 2018) The Save Idaho Horse Racing campaign has gathered 114,815 signatures and will be delivering dozens of boxes filled with petitions to county clerks in every corner of the state today, which is the deadline for all ballot initiative petition signatures. Read the full press release. 

Governor & Elected Officials Condemn Illegal Conduct by Tribal Casino PAC; Call For Respect of Democratic Process and Idaho Voters
(April 25, 2018) Idaho Gov. Butch Otter joined other elected leaders on Wednesday to condemn the conduct of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s political action committee for its illegal and dishonorable attempts to derail and disrespect the democratic process and a ballot initiative to restore Idaho’s horse racing industry. Read the full press release.

North Idaho Voter Project PAC Bribes Signature Gatherers to Stop Working, Committing a Felony Under Idaho Statute
(April 23, 2018) The Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s political action committee, having deployed paid blockers to interrupt, harass, and intimidate voters looking to sign a statewide ballot initiative petition, has now committed a felony: bribing Save Idaho Horse Racing (SIHS) campaign staff to stop gathering signatures. Earlier today, the SIHS campaign brought the matter and evidence to the Ada County Prosecutor and Ada County Sheriff. Read the full press release.


Associated Press: Horse racing initiative backers accuse tribe of breaking law

“According to Save Idaho Horse Racing on Monday, the tribe has offered at least two petition employees cash to stop collecting signatures.” Read more

KTVB: Save Idaho Horse Racing Claims Tribe is Bribing Signature Gatherers

Campaign staff have filed anywhere from six to 10 police reports against those with the North Idaho Voter Project. Watch the story

Spokesman-Review: Horse racing initiative backers accuse tribe of breaking law

The group provided reporters on Monday with a copy of a conversation that took place over Facebook’s messaging platform. It showed on April 19 a staffer with the North Idaho Voter Project offering $1,500 to a ballot employee to immediately stop soliciting signatures. Read more

Idaho Statesman: In Boise, I bumped into the effort to derail a vote on horse-race betting machines

A young man wearing a “Save Horse Racing” shirt and holding a clipboard walked into a local coffee shop, talking loudly on the phone. “They’re harassing me. I just feel uncomfortable,” he said. Read more